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The ABC's in ASL

Learning Sign Language may seem daunting but if you familiarize yourself with the American Sign Language (ASL) alphabet, you will be taking a great first step. For instance, if you know how to finger spell "H-A-T" then no worries if you don't know how to sign the actual word HAT. That goes for every other word that you can possibly imagine. Learning the alphabet is an essential building block of knowing any language, this is also true of sign language. Learning to finger spell the alphabet will have you on your way to expanding your sign language abilities and developing terrific communication skills as well.

Practice signing your name first, then expand it to common words. Once you know the alphabet, try practicing your new skill with friends and family. Just remember, viewing the alphabet in a photograph is not as effective as viewing videos because the action is sometimes fluid - this is specifically true for the letters J and Z. You will be proud of yourself once you have learned the Alphabet in ASL, not only is it very useful but it is also incredibly fun.

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Sign Me ABC's. Watch the videos to learn the letters of the alphabet as well as 52 animals from A-Z. There is even a memory game for enhanced learning!

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