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What Animals Teach Us

Anyone who has a pet knows that animals quite often let us know what they are thinking, wanting and feeling. Although, plenty of animals communicate through the sounds they make, but there is a lot of non-verbal communication happening as well. They can teach us so much about communication. How about a dog who wants to go for a walk, or a cat who wants attention or a horse who is unhappy with his rider? They let us know.

Animals can show joy, fear, shame, anger, unhappiness, excitement, sadness and grief without saying a word. Emotions play in their faces, eyes, mouths, stance, fur, tails, and attitude.

We as humans, may or may not realize it but we often use our whole body when communicating: our posture, our body language- how we sit, the tilt of our head, playing with our hair or hands, tapping our feet, pursing of lips, facial expressions, slight frowns, eye twitching, showing of teeth, nose touching and tugging on ears.

The eyes are probably the most expressive part of our faces. It is said that the eyes are the mirror to our soul. A glance between two people can hold a magnitude of meanings.

When we communicate without using words- it is even more important than what we are actually saying.

As with sign language - that is why it is so vital that we use our faces and bodies.

Many a relationship has been damaged by misunderstood meaning when texting or emailing -because of the lack of nonverbal cues!

Animals teach us a great deal about communication but they also teach us about love, forgiveness, bravery, kindness, loyalty, patience, perseverance, team work, empathy, resilience, respect and an understanding about our innate connectedness.

They rely on their instincts and their senses and can tune in on the moods, environment, dangers, opportunities and everyday joy of life around them. As humans we consider ourselves superior to animals, but they certainly have valuable lessons to teach us.

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