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Sign Me A Story

Revised and enhanced, Sign Me A Story continues to get top scores from kids, parents, teachers, and lovers of sign language.

Learn over 75 key Sign Language Phrases!

The Sign Me A Story adventure stories makes learning sign language both entertaining and easy through four fun-filled stories, learning through reading, cartoons, music, games, and pop-up videos.


Meet the wild "Green Beanies" characters, featuring the quirky Henry, CeCe, the cat Miss Matilda, and Fred the three-legged dog.


Updated with two new gaming additions. In both "My Crazy Upside Down Life" and "My Walk on the Wild Side," you become the creative story-maker by adding the signed words that you choose.


The stories change as you make different action unfold in almost endless possibilities. Enjoy lively music or turn off the sound for quiet learning. Practice reading or listen to have the stories read aloud.

Free on the App Store and Google Play.



Reviewers Are Saying...

Sign me a story is a fun and educational app that provides functional signs. This app is great for kiddos learning sign language and also reading. The signs are highlighted in the story and demonstrated clearly. It applies to a wide range of kiddos and makes learning to sign fun and easy! I recommend it for anyone who's teaching kiddos how to sign.


Since the latest update, the app has improved significantly. It's added music and environmental noises--another great way to target speech (i.e. "What do you hear?" "What does a car sound like?").

It's a fun and educational app all around!

— M. Finn, M.S., SLP

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