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A Resolution-Free January

Every year it is the same thing. There seems to be a communal commitment to overall personal improvement. January is the month for the new you or so we seem to have drilled into our heads. Everything starts out perfectly, daily trips to the gym, a refrigerator stocked with healthy food and alcohol-free cabinets. And then what? How about making it a month to embrace yourself just as you are?  I am not saying that healthy improvements are not valuable, those should simply be basically incorporated into your lifestyle. I believe the focus should be not on ONE SELF but on OUR SELVES.  What can we do to help others, our families, friends, neighborhood, community, city, state, country, our environment, our world?

We can give blood, donate goods to charity, give money, help the homeless, adopt a stray animal, recycle, volunteer, join a service organization, pick up trash, fundraise, plant a tree, get involved politically, help out an elderly, become an activist for the disabled, write letters to the military, call on congress, buy a stranger a meal, be a considerate driver, hold the door for someone, be a foster parent, say kind words, do nice things for others, work at a food bank/kitchen, learn sign language, buy holiday gifts for the needy, read books to the blind, be a big brother, tutor at a local school, babysit for single parent, visit a sick friend, send ‘thinking of you’ cards, take a homebound person on an outing, deliver a bouquet of flowers, pick up litter, make a meal for another family, and so many many other options. Just be helper not a hinderance to world.  Being a better person for society is a worthwhile goal this January. If all of us did only one awesome thing this month, just imagine. Here is a thought: let’s forget about those darn resolutions and make this a time for doing some good stuff instead!

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