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Holiday Hope

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

The holidays can be tough for lots of folks. Many people experience loss and unhappiness and it seems to resurface this time of year. They are often consumed with remembering holidays and people from their past. In addition, all of the overflowing cheer can be a bit overwhelming for the reluctant reveler. Moving through all the glitter, wrap and caroling requires some effort. If feeling less than festive, here are ways to not only survive the holidays, but also find some hope and joy.

Choose an activity that you like to do and do it! Do you like shopping for candles, making candy, walking on the beach, listening to live jazz or visiting zoos? Make it happen. Planning engaging activities gives you a positive focus.

Give a gift! Make or buy a gift for someone you don’t know or barely know and give it anonymously. You will feel wonderful!

Go out for a walk! Nature recharges us.

Donate to charity! If not using your holiday decorations or clothes? Give them to a local nonprofit. If don’t have goods to give, then donate money which is always needed.

Select your event! Carefully choose what you will likely enjoy. Declining all holiday festivities will possibly leave you alone and sad. Make the effort to join in at least once. You are likely to be pleasantly surprised.

Bake! Make something delicious like bread and invite a friend or neighbor over for coffee and…

Give your time! Volunteering is a fabulous way to help others and also yourself!

Enjoy funnies! Watch upbeat comedies, no sappy tear-jerkers.

Find religion! Being detached from God can leave you feel unanchored. Maybe this is the ideal time to reconnect.

Reach out! Someone you know could probably use a bit of cheer such as an elderly or sick relative. Call them, send them a heart-felt card or even better and if possible - visit.

Listen to Music! Go to a Holiday concert, music is one of the most enriching experiences on earth.

People, Pets or Both! Look around at the people and/or pets in your life, if they make you feel good and bring you joy- then spend time with them.

Saying goodbye to 2021 and hello to 2022 has us looking forward, not backward.

May this holiday season bring you both peace and hope!

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