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What to do while EVERYONE is home?! Not just survive it, but thrive....

Here are 19 tips for not only surviving but thriving during your homebound situation. With many of us practicing social distancing from our homes – and some of us on actual lockdown – we thought it’d be a good time share some ideas on what to do with the new "quasi-normal" lifestyle and lots more free time:

  1. Remember to get out of your pajamas and start your day in regular clothes!

  2. If you’re remote-working or -learning, creating a regular routine will help stabilize things for you and your family. Plan to be at your computer at specific time every day.

  3. Cook a meal together or take turns being the chef.

  4. Go outside! Go for a hike or bike ride, head to the beach or just take your cat, dog or turtle for a walk.

  5. Download an educational program or app for your kids or yourself. These free sites are good:,, and

  6. Read a book or listen to an audiobook.

  7. Eat sensibly. Resist the urge to stress eat.

  8. Turn off the TV instead and turn on music. It will help calm and center you.

  9. Learn a new language. Chinese, Spanish, Italian – or maybe American Sign Language.

  10. Take a nap during the day.

  11. Enjoy family time. Play card games like Uno or others such as Clue, PicWits!, Trouble, Ticket to Ride, Jenga or Monopoly

  12. Do some spring cleaning. Purge that extra stuff that’s been lying around the place.

  13. Facetime or Skype with friends. It will help negate some of the effects of isolation.

  14. Watch documentaries. The Disney Channel has amazing content, including a cool National Parks series. You’ll feel inspired.

  15. Listen to a podcast or serial. Some good ones: You’re Wrong About, Motherhood Sessions, Radiolab, and the timelier The Alarmist.

  16. Get your creative side on. Draw. Paint. Write a poem. Crochet. Knit. Build or craft something. Be a maker!

  17. Exercise daily. There are dozens or exercise/yoga apps plus very good TV programming.

  18. Visit a museum – virtually! Here’s a good story from Travel & Leisure: Stuck at Home? These 12 Famous Museums Offer Virtual Tours You Can Take on Your Couch

  19. Get your camera out and start taking positive photos. You can post or not, but try to see the rainbow in everyday!

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