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Holiday Lockdown Upside Ideas

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Winter lockdown can be a real challenge but it can also afford the opportunity to explore some exciting new avenues. No doubt about it, being in quarantine can limit travel, friend and family time. It has also greatly impact social and work engagements. Look up! There is still a bright side!

Here are fun, entertaining and enriching alternative activities to enjoy during this very different holiday season.

Be a Stargazer! Try a starter book such as The Night Sky Atlas (DK publishing) or subscribe to Astronomy Magazine. You can view constellations, visit other planets, find deep sky objects and watch atmospheric changes on this app. Another 'stellar' site is NASA for a smorgasbord of space options such as visiting the International Space Station, NASA TV (which has a signing interpreter) and tracking asteroids. With just a telescope, the wonders of the universe await you.

Learn Chess! The Queen's Gambit (Netflix) series hooked many onto this age-old game. It is a binge-worthy series and the game is truly additive. Chess is a thinking game that never seems to go the same way twice. Here is a list of some Chess apps. Although real chess sets are now very popular, they can still be found on Amazon and Target.

Take up Painting! Pick up a paint set (or put it on your holiday wish list) and find your Picasso within. Classes are available online to guide you along. The creative outlet may or may not produce museum-quality art but the process will surely be uplifting.

Visit a Museum! There are thousands of museums and galleries that offer virtual tours. Check out The Smithsonian Museum, The British Museum, The Vatican Museum & Google Arts & Culture Collections to view art from all around the world.

Cook! Learn to cook or become a better cook. With all doing a lot of eating at home now. It is fun to experiment with different foods or recipes. A cool app is: Mealime or a good online resource is to get new meal suggestions. Another great idea during this holiday season is to make food to give to those close to us, such as candy, cookies or bread.

Attend Holidays Shows Online! There are a great deal of wonderful concerts and show that are easily viewed online this holiday season. Check out this terrific list for some festive performances: Holiday Performances.

Grow Stuff! Gardening may or may not be your thing. But there are so many easy ways to try your hand at indoor gardening. Window herb gardens are pretty and useful. Hydrophonics are cool way of growing plants without soil. Another lovely gift idea is to plant a Paper White winter bulbs can be grown in almost any decorative container.

Send Holiday Cards! Who doesn't enjoy receiving cheers and best wishes in the mail? It has almost become a long-gone tradition, but we all still need to connect. Send a homemade, photo out store card to those you hold dear to you.

Teach your Pet (Another) Language! Imagine expanding your own communication ability as your pet learns. It could be quite entertaining and fun too! Don't believe your dog can learn? Then you might want to read this article- Wag! For foreign language learning, Duolingo is a good option while for Sign Language learning, GraceSigns offers three free apps.

Give! Give! Give! There are so many people and organizations needing help this holiday season. Here is an incredible list, it will be difficult to choose: Make an Impact. Give time, money or gifts to others. Doing good will make you feel good!

Hope these holiday tips help take the humbug out of the season for you. 🥳

Enjoy and stay safe!

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