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The 10 Ugly Faces of Bullying

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Let's talk about lack of inclusion and its mean cousin 'Bullying'. Bullying shows its face in many ugly ways. Sometimes it‘s obvious but often it‘s disguised.

Here are ten of its nasty forms.

  1. Laughing at someone not with them.

  2. Mocking someone with sarcasm which is actually a 'not' funny way of laying insults.

  3. Shaming someone for not fitting in - for looking, talking or acting differently. Sadly, the special needs population is often targeted.

  4. Ignoring someone, as if they are not there. Being made to feel invisible is extremely hurtful.

  5. Excluding only one person from a group activity.

  6. Posting negative comments about someone on social media also known as Cyberbulling.

  7. Physical bullying is pushing, kicking, punching and being physically harmful to another person.

  8. Being prejudice by mistreating someone because of their race, sexuality, religion, etc.

  9. Emotional bullying is a bit more subtle and just as harmful. This is more common with 'mean girls', a victim is ostracized, insulted and teased by a group.

  10. Bullying in a sexual way includes unwanted touching, vulgar gesturing and crude comments.

Bullying, whether visible or hidden in any format has a devastating effect on the victims and is destructive to a community. Basic kindness is a good foundation to create an environment for acceptance of our diversity and the possibility of true inclusion for all of us.

Need help with bullying.

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