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Art of Sign Language

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Meet David Garner.  Artist. Extraordinarily talented, creative and endowed with a huge heart. David has been working for thirty years as both a designer and an illustrator.  He works almost exclusively with not-for-profit organizations. While online he found the TapRoot Foundation website.  TapRoot is a service company that matches non profits in need of workers with willing and talented volunteers. GraceSigns, a small educational technology organization had posted a job request for an artist.  David was intrigued.  GraceSigns needed someone to draw characters and  animals. The catch: it involved sign language.  David knew nothing about signing but thought it was a perfect opportunity to do an illustration project that sounded fun and challenging.  The process was challenging, but it was indeed fun and he enjoyed the fact that the art was geared toward children. Having worked on children's books, marketing campaigns and a variety of other projects, this was David's first foray into the app business and he was excited to enter this new medium. David enjoyed learning the signs, as he had to draw the cartoon characters signing the 26 letters of the alphabet.  Being naturally whimsical in his work, David brought a bright colorful element to each illustration, especially to the amazing animal artwork. Sign Me ABCs is the end result and David is pleased to have been a partner in creating something that will help kids and adults learn sign language in a happy and inclusive format.  "GraceSigns apps are geared to accepting the differences of all of us.  It has been a rewarding ride, and I am proud to have been part of it." Artist David Garner TapRoot Foundation

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