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The 9 Benefits of Sign Language

There are many empowering benefits to learning sign language. If you are hesitating, start small. Learn the alphabet and some key words. Before long you have mastered conversational phrases and you are on your way. You and others around you, will see the upside in no time. Some of the incredible benefits are:

  1. Increased I.Q.

  2. Enriched Relationships

  3. Enhanced Language and Listening Skills

  4. Increased Self-Esteem

  5. Reduced Frustration

  6. Improved Communication with Individuals of All Abilities

  7. The Ability for Silent Speech

  8. Empowered at School, Work and Home

  9. Expanded Self-Expression with Emotional and Visual Beauty

There are many ways to learn: watch YouTube videos, read books, download ASL (American Sign language) apps, play games- no matter what- you will have fun practicing your new language!

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