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Signs of Summer

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

The summer season brings a smile for many of us. It also gives us a chance to expand our signing vocabulary. As you enjoy the longer days, open your senses to the wonders of summer.

My favorite images and ideas are woven into an imaginary carefree summer day.

The sun arises before you in the morning. As you walk to the window, you admire a beautiful blossoming tree in your yard. You hear a bird singing in the garden as it bathes in the water of a new puddle. You watch as as butterfly seems to dance in the breeze.

The sweet smelling nectar of a flower is food for a bee, who stops at each colorful bud to eat.

A neighborhood cat bravely chases a dog. All the creatures seem to be saying: Let’s play!

As you contemplate your own plans for the day, you think: I want to have fun, what should I do? I like reading, I like biking, I like games, I like hiking.

You decide to do a little of everything. Afterward you yawn- I'm tired as the moon rises to meet the setting sun.

You say good night.

Happy Summer Signing!

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