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Sign Language and Social Media

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Social Media is a really great thing for Sign Language. We can see live action signing videos, we can share information about services, programs, apps for people with disabilities. We can create greater acceptance of those that are different by highlighting and embracing those differences. We can change attitudes by showcasing the immense value of ALL individuals. We can see things that make us smile, laugh and think. We can connect with strangers and friends. We can learn to communicate in a whole new way, a visual way...Sign Language. Social Media opens us up to new ideas, new people, new opportunities to new ways to connect with others. The beauty of Sign Language can not be expressed, viewed and appreciated from a book but it can be on Social Media We are physical creatures and Sign Language allows us to express ourselves with our whole self. What do you think? How has Social Media effected your communication skills? Read more here:

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