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Seven Sweet Valentine Signs

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Valentine's Day is a terrific time to show our affection to those close to us. It is also the ideal time to learn seven sweet Valentine signs. If you have a communication challenge or not, signing is a wonderful way to express yourself.

I Love You Grace signs above with three fingers up- the thumb, index and pinkie fingers.

Friend. Link index fingers together twice.

Love. Cross your arms across your chest, hands in fist.

Flower. Touch your fingers to one side of you nose and then the other. (As if you are smelling a flower.)

Hug. Grace demonstrates how to squeeze your own arms. (As if you are giving yourself a hug.)

Heart. Tap your heart with your middle finger a couple of times.

Candy. Grace signs by showing how to touch your finger to just above your chin and twist a bit.

Have fun learning these February signs and why not learn more (like how to sign the word February)? Download our free Sign Me ABCs app to learn the alphabet and 26 animals too!

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