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Love, A Universal Language

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

When you think about Love, you think about being able to communicate and deeply connect with someone.  If you have seen the enchanting new movie, The Shape Of Water, you will understand how love can be blind, it can be deaf and it can be totally without reason.  But what this movie stresses is that if on some level you are able to communicate with... a person, an animal, a creature... then that is something significant, irregardless of who or what they are. We as beings all need those connections.  In the movie, the character Elisa is mute and signs exclusively; she is able to build a relationship with the sea creature using sign language, facial expressions and her body language.  It is incredibly moving because without the spoken word, so much can be said.  Sign Language gives us that gateway into the unspoken, the ability to use our whole person to express ourselves, using everything including our faces, and our hands to convey our emotions.  

When I think about LOVE, I also think about the "Night To Shine."  Created by the Tim Tebow Foundation - it is an international "Night to Shine" prom for special needs teens.  Last year, 375 host churches within 50 states, 11 countries and 28 denominations participated.  Individuals were treated to shoe shines, hair and makeup, dinner, limo ride, a walk on the red carpet and a night to remember.  This photo above was Grace and her date Tyler at last year's event.  Their faces say everything.  What is great about this picture is that they were explicitly communicating with each other without saying a single word.  The language of love is powerful and truly miraculous.  We can learn a lot about love and communication from those who are often speechless. 

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