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How to Stay Sane in an Insane World

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Ten tips for reducing stress during troubled times

Keeping calm, safe and sane during Covid.
How to Stay Sane in an Insane World

With the onset of the fall - which usually signifies new beginnings- many of us are facing the daunting task of still being home, working and coping with daily life. Given the stresses of seclusion, difficult onsite working situations, remote learning, Covid-19, distressing weather conditions, the protests, the upcoming election and the economy, our sense of self could easily get lost in the chaos. Here are some tips to help you keep your sanity.

  1. Create a daily schedule. It will provide a sense of normalcy.

  2. Try not to complain, it doesn't make you or anyone feel better. Smiling actually does make you feel better though.

  3. Read a book. Great books have a way of taking you to a different time and place.

  4. Give back. Donate your time or money, volunteer safely or remotely. Helping others will also make you feel terrific.

  5. Turn off the news, it can be toxic.

  6. Get some exercise. Exercise raises your spirits and gives you some control of yourself.

  7. Connect with positive people in your life as often as possible. It will help. But, very important, limit your exposure to negative people. They will bring you down.

  8. Plan something for the future- a day trip, a small safe gathering or a walk somewhere new.

  9. Spend time in nature, anywhere outdoors if you can, near water, trees, mountains, flowers or animals. Pay attention to the sky, sunrises, sunsets, clouds, stars and the moon. You will be greatly revitalized.

  10. Close your eyes and meditate or pray. If you count your blessings, you will be reminded of all that is good in your life. Focus on those and be grateful.

Stay safe,

stay sane

and carry on.

If you are hiding in your shell,

come out now and then to

say hello to our crazy - yet still -wonderful world!

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