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Choosing Love

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Recently, I encountered an old friend and we discussed life, our daily challenges and family. She had lost someone extremely close to her in a horrific school shooting and it made me realize how surviving something like that seemed insurmountable. Yet, she and her family had not only survived but in fact - following such a unimaginable tragedy - her daughter Scarlett Lewis had successfully created an incredibly inspiring movement about "choosing love."

The guiding principle is this:

"I will find the courage to be grateful when life is not easy,

to forgive myself and others,

to cut the cord that attaches me to pain,

and to step outside of the busyness of my life to help others.

That is how I will Choose Love." (

In these turbulent times, this is an amazing pledge to consider, embrace and aspire to follow. What a wonderful world this could be...

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