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Back to School Strategy- by Laura O'Grady

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

We are all back to school and with that comes the chaos of scheduling, paperwork, and after-school activities. Children with special needs are often in new classes with new teachers and new aides, who have not yet learned each child’s unique communication needs. What is the best way for children to convey a brief 1-2 word message when their articulation isn’t clear? Fingerspelling!! Fingerspelling is signing the spelling of a word rather than using the sign for the word. Most Special Educators have learned how to fingerspell, and it can be used in any environment. When your child isn’t understood, have them fingerspell it! When teachers ask who will be picking them up, have them fingerspell it! When teachers ask if they have siblings, have them fingerspell it! Fingerspelling is useful anywhere, anytime, so it is an essential skill to learn. Be on the lookout for GraceSign's fun, new signing app Sign Me ABCs that teaches all the letters in the alphabet!

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