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Celebrating our Differences!

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

There is only one day a year when we can be anyone or anything we want. Halloween! It is a day, not to be scared but to be enlightened. It is a day to become someone new, to dress in something unusual, to change into a rainbow, a unicorn, a superhero or an angel. The possibilities are as limitless as we are. We are all full of options and possibilities, with so many layers to us. Each one of us is uniquely different. On Halloween, we joyfully embrace our differences! Don’t you wish we could celebrate our diversity for the rest of the year as well? There is so much intolerance for each other, we don’t seem to accept our different ethnicities, our different colors, our different religions, our elderly, our disabled, our neighbors or our enemies. But imagine if we could. Wouldn’t it be spectacular if we could develop a kaleidoscope perspective… and see and accept the multi-faceted, always evolving incredible individuals that we all are!

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