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Should Sign Language Be Required Learning?

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Imagine if schools started teaching kids as early as preschool, how to sign. (

Imagine those sign language learners exposed to the benefit of full language learning: visual signs, written words/letters and sound -resulting in overall improved cognitive development. (

Imagine that struggling learners after being exposed to the alphabet and sight words in sign, begin to read. (

Imagine that children with speech and hearing challenges were no longer isolated but understood by their peers and teachers.

Imagine those who have difficulty with their words and feelings, being able to express themselves. (

Imagine all high schools offering sign language as a language offering.(

Imagine students going home and teaching their siblings, parents and grandparents to sign- all ages and abilities communicating freely with each other.

Imagine the aged, or those having suffered dementia or a stroke being able to once again engage with family and friends.( Studies have shown that learning sign language can also prevent the onset of Alzheimers. (

Imagine a future, where we all have a communication tool accessible to each and everyone of us: young and old, able and disabled, teachers, police, first responders, medical personnel, neighbors, caregivers, strangers and acquaintances- all being able to converse with each other.

Imagine how this communication commonality could change us, unite us, maybe make us better human beings~

And then imagine the quiet.

Just Imagine.

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