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7 Super Reasons for a Sweet Summer Shutdown

Taking time off for the summer is a great thing. Why? Consider these reasons for both adults and kids to shut down from work, school, therapy, whatever…for as long as possible. Think about what they do in Europe. Half of the continent is on summer sabbatical for the entire month of August!

1) Life is stressful! There comes a time to exit the rat race, re-center and de-stress. Summer is the perfect time for that.

2) Our brains are tired. Just think of everything that your brain has taken in all winter long- the classes, the workshops, the therapies, and let’s not forget the media. Give your brain a chance to assimilate all that information and rest.

3) Our bodies are tired. You need need to take some to rest and recuperate. Catch up on sleep. Eat slow meals. Cloud watch. Relax and read more, or just take timeout. Doing nothing is doing something when it comes to refueling your tank.

4) The break is not forever (maybe it is a week, two weeks, a month or a glorious two months) and when it is over, you’ll have to jump back into the game again. But taking this time to recharge means you will be calmer, ready, determined and motivated.

5) The world is a big place - bigger than your house, your classroom, your neighborhood, your workplace, your city or even your country. See it. Explore it. Travel. It’s called a vacation for a reason. In fact the dictionary defines the word as “an extended period of recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling.”

6) Worry will kill you. So will guilt. Let go of it all and enjoy life for a change. Remember no one ever got to the end of their days and said “I should have worked more."

7) Enjoy Nature! Reconnect with the Sun. Splash in water and feel the sand between your toes. Smell the flowers. Play frisbee. Listen to birds calling each other. Disco Dance and sing loudly. Have a barbecue on the beach. Run through the woods. Catch a football in a green meadow. Watch dogs frolic in the surf. Fly a silly kite on a windy day. Checkout the mountains at sunset. Sleep under the stars. You get the idea. It’s up to you to enjoy life!

Need any more reasons? How about this simple one? It’s summertime! Go out and play!

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