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10 Shows with Sign Language to Watch Right Now

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Craving a bit more sign language in your viewing. These current shows feature amazing actors, reality stars and plenty of ASL to fill your summer days and nights with everything from romance to terror.

1) Deaf U - Together a group of students at Gallaudet University navigate college life with a real life glimpse into the deaf community.

2) The Bachelor- Last season, Abigail Heringer, a client financial manager from Beaverton, Oregon, was the show's first contestant who was deaf.

3) The Society - Netflix's new apocalyptic teen drama includes actors using American Sign Language.

4) The Silence- Deaf model Nyles DeMarco and actor Stanley Tucci star in the series inspired by the The Quiet Place movie. The buzz has been both good and bad.

5) Tales of the City - Dickie Harts plays the part of a deaf butler in this San Francisco book-based miniseries.

6) Black Summer - If you are in the mood for zombies and ASL, you can't go wrong with the Black Summer series on Netflix.

7) You - Season 2 of the is series showcases actor Daniel Durant as the deaf dead husband of the lead actress in this Netflix NY based series in the story of obsession.

8) Black Lightening- It is summer so you may be craving superheroes?! You can also get your ASL fix with this series on CW.

9) Castle Rock - Psychological thrillers your scene? This Hulu series is tracked for a season 2 plus it brings you deaf actor CJ Jones.

10) The Magicians - Fantasy is the main course in this Netflix series featuring famous deaf actress Marlee Maitlin.

If just learning ASL or an expert, this buffet of viewing options will keep you entertained and well fed in your hunger for sign language this summer.

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