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Speech Therapy and Covid-19

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

With the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, many speech and language sessions have been put on hold with many wondering what they can do to support those with speech challenges. In many cases, restrictions on providing sessions through telepractice have been relaxed, allowing SLPs to work with their clients remotely. Not everyone is able to have this arrangement though. Here are 5 website that offer free or affordable alternatives providing a variety of speech and language content:

  1. 1) has a free materials exchange

  2. 2) has content that is both free or costs a nominal fee

  3. 3) offers a free 7-day trial

  4. 4) is a $49/year subscription

  5. 5) offers a 30-day free trial and discount through 7/1/2020

And don’t forget, there are always the free GraceSigns Apps!

Stay well and wash your hands!

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