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Updated: Nov 25, 2019

My daughter with Down syndrome

I have six children and I appreciate each one of them, every single day. As unique and loving individuals, they are continuously enriching my life in countless ways. The youngest is different from the others in that she has Down syndrome. This may seem like a hardship to some parents -although it is my opinion - any child can be a bit difficult. Instead of feeling challenged though, I feel incredibly thankful. At Thanksgiving this year, I want to list a few reasons why I am so very grateful for Grace.

  • She makes me smile everyday.

  • She brings joy to the most mundane of activities.

  • Grace loves her family, her friends, her pets, her school, just basically her entire her world. This makes her so very lovable. ♥️

  • Grace is optimistic about tomorrow. She never dreads anything.

  • She laughs a lot, and sings and dances quite a bit as well.

  • She is never sarcastic. What a blessing that is!

  • She enjoys learning new things. Everything is a revelation to her.

  • Grace does not see herself as disabled.

  • She was the inspiration for GraceSigns, a nonprofit creating free sign language apps.

  • Grace has given me a spectacularly different perspective on life.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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