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Gift Guide for Kids with Special Needs

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

It is a seasonal challenge - what do you get for those amazing young people in your life who have special needs?

Well, while you’re shopping, a good three-question to keep in mind is: is it educational, purposeful and fun? Finding options that tick all three boxes is a tall order, yes, but here’s a list of tried-and-true games that teachers, parents, therapists and kids of various ages, all agree: “YES! WE LIKE!”

ZINGO - Just like bingo but with a zing. Helps kids focus with visually stimulating cards.

OPERATION - Great for honing fine motor skills.

FEED THE KITTY- Fun, quiet game for the noise-averse kids on your list.

KERPLUNK- A lively game for fine motor skills and strategy.

COUNTING AND SORTING BEARS - Awesome for math, color recognition & fine motor skills.

GUESS WHO? - Engages kids to use verbal skills and social interaction, also enhances reasoning abilities.

HEDBANZ - Encourages communication and social interaction.

MONOPOLY - Ideal for money counting, strategy and engagement.

APPLES TO APPLES, Disney Edition - Fun, entertaining, requires memory and encourages speech.

LEGOs - Either Duplo for small fingers or standard size. Good for fine motor skills, direction following and creativity.

STONE SOUP - Great game for cooperation, memory skills and social development.

FEELINGS IN A FLASH - Help kids figure out their emotions while playing a fun flash card game.

RUSH HOUR - Play adapted to your child’s developmental level. Quiet strategy small space game.

TWISTER - Low impact movement game, ideal for developing balance.

BASIC SKILL BUSY BOARD - For kids learning buckles, snaps, zippers & shoe tying.

BANANAGRAMS DUEL: THE 2 PLAYER SMALL SPACE TRAVEL GAME - Language development, spelling, social interaction in this fast moving game.

PERFECTION - Fun for shape recognition, fine motor skills & time management skills.

MONEY BAGS - Board game teaching money values and strategy.

THE READING GAME - Excellent card and storybook game for building reading & memory skills.

TROUBLE- Counting and strategy and getting revenge ;).

SUM SWAMP - Addition and subtraction while having fun.

JENGA - Improve strategy and fine motor skills. Optional structure building creativity.

SPOT IT!- Pattern recognition, hand eye coordination and counting.

UNO - Who doesn’t like UNO? Color and number recognition in this easy fast moving card game.

If you are looking for ways to get kids off of their devices, these games will engage, teach them some new skills and keep everyone entertained. Good luck shopping and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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