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Are You Perfect?

Perfect are you?

My guess is no.

Some people may look perfect, some may even think that they are perfect, but in fact, not one single person on this earth is actually perfect.

We are all amazing in these two ways: we all have incredible abilities and and we all have inabilities.

Some people wear their disabilities on their shirt sleeves, but most of us have hidden challenges.

Those folks that have obvious disabilities often need to move around with their imperfections for everyone to see, while the rest of us can simply conceal our difficulties. The business of living is a common daily human struggle and it is what unequivocally binds us together.

Our solidarity arises from us being a community of uniquely challenged human beings.

Each and every one of us distinctly different and incredibly imperfect. I love that about us. My belief is that God loves that wonderfulness about us too. Imagine how boring the world would be in we were all perfectly and exactly alike?!

As we accept our differences we can embrace our beautiful individuality-both our abilities and our disabilities.

The truth is that every single living soul has imperfections.

Our flawed humanness unites us on this God-given home we call earth.

Our various colors, sexes, races, nationalities, religions, appearances, opinions, qualities and our challenges- are all part of the astonishing network that makes the world such an interesting tapestry of people.

And it is our shared humanity to be imperfect.

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