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How to Be Happy

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

It makes me smile when people say that I wear rose-colored glasses. I like being a die-hard optimist. Yes, an optimist: a person who sees the glass as half-full and is always ready to take a gulp out of life. The word optimism comes from the the Latin word “optimus” which means best. An optimistic person is looking for the best in most situations. We optimists expect good things to happen. It is a belief system of anticipating and hoping that things will turn out well. When they don’t, there is probably a good reason. In the end, they will turn out exactly as they are meant to be.

When you are an optimist, you are a positive person, and you focus on the good things in life. You treat each day as a gift and you are appreciative of everything around you. It may sound like a tall order but the benefits of an optimistic attitude can improve your health, increase your opportunities and enhance your personal relationships… all valuable outcomes from just being an overall happier person.

We are all overloaded with negativity every day. It is your choice as to your reaction to this bombardment and how you will let this effect or NOT effective you. Do not allow negativity to influence you and pull you down into a state of pessimism. Try listening to music instead of the news. It will turn you around.

How to be a happy and grateful person:

  • Be grateful to be alive. Life is short. Recognize that. Rejoice in every beautiful day.

  • Don’t dwell on bad experiences in your past. Learn from whatever it was and move on.

  • Shut out the negative chatter in your own head. Change the channel on that unpleasantness to a mantra of “I am worthy, I am great!” Start and end your day with this.

  • Focus on the silver lining. Find what good is coming out of any situation.

  • Put worries into a box and close it up. Worry develops into stress which means unhealthy and unhappy environments for you and those around you.

  • Avoid negative situations and people. They will drag you into their pit of despair.

  • Positive energy draws positive outcomes. You are what you believe. Envision and believe.

  • Give thanks for your blessings ... everything and everyone around you, the magnificent nature of the world, and last but not least God.

I hope you appreciate and enjoy the astonishing bounty that life has to offer.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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