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5 Fun and Free Family Summer Activities

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Summer is here and there is still plenty of time to make the most of it! Recharge, renew and reconnect with your family with these simply super ideas for the outdoor and indoor-inclined.

1) Beach it! What to bring? Just about everything! Coolers, chairs and of course sand toys. Search for shells or other sea treasures. Swim, surf or simply soak up the sun. Lakes and rivers often have great beaches as well. Bring home your finds and create ornaments or paint your found rocks.

2) Camp! The camping experience is always exciting, yes a bit of work but have you tried camping in your own backyard? Tents and a fire pit for s'mores making and story-telling can be a perfect escape from devices for an evening. How about an in-house campout? Set up tents from sheets with flashlights only- making things fun and a bit frightening but not too scary for small kids.

3) Visit your library! Books, magazines, DVDs and CDs are free to borrow and children's libraries often offer reading programs with great incentives for kids. Plus they are air-conditioned!

4. Staycay! A staycation is the ideal vacation for families looking for an easy and cost- efficient way to enjoy summertime. Need ideas: how about a trip to the zoo, local museum, nature center or state park for a picnic or hike.

5) Learn! A family that learns together has fun together. Study the stars and name the constellations. Learn how to fish. Take up skateboarding, roller blading or bike riding. How about a new language? Learn Chinese, Spanish, or American Sign Language and enjoy communicating in a whole new way!

Whatever you do this summer, make the most of it. Don't put off til tomorrow what you can do today. 😄 Enjoy today!

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