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:: Creating Mobile Apps ::

Ready to Learn Sign Language in an Easy, Fun Way?

We've created a family of mobile apps that feature people of all ages and abilities demonstrating signs.

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In learning, seeing individuals with differences can help foster understanding and acceptance.

150 Million People Use Sign Language Every Day.

...and we’re reaching them. Our apps have been downloaded over a million times throughout 184 countries worldwide!

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GraceSigns apps use an innovative mix of words & visuals, stories & music, videos & games.

Kids love them, as do teachers, parents and speech therapists. We're intent on keeping them free.


Our newest app features over 75 conversational phrases


Start with the basics: the ASL Alphabet (ABCs) and Animal Names


Engage in adventure stories. Read, play and learn.

You can help us continue to create free learning tools to give language to people of all abilities.

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GraceSigns is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. 
All donations are tax-deductible. EIN #473032197

Our Story

Learn about Valerie Carter and her daughter Grace, the founder and inspiration for GraceSigns. 

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