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Signing & Inclusion News

"Quiet Place" a Horror Movie with Subtle Silence

Directed and starring John Krasinski and his real-life wife Emily Blunt, the Quiet Place puts American Sign Language (ASL) in the foreground of this dark and disturbing apocalyptic film. The 1918 movie, now on Netflix, also features American teen Millicent "Millie" Simmonds, a very talented deaf actress.  Nerve-provoking sound effects and chilling music add to the threat of the grotesque and silently-lurking creatures.   Viewers looking for some quiet and not so quiet terror this Halloween season, need to put this thriller on their list for a genuinely horrifying experience.  Review by Valerie Carter

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Cool Halloween Signs that you might want

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Why Learn to Sign?

GraceSigns Offers its Learning 
for Free

By Scott Adelson

GraceSigns, the educational technology non-profit, made the important decision to offer all of their application content for free. The opportunity to download apps at no cost went into effective on January 21st, 2019, Martin Luther King Day. 

Valerie Carter, Executive Director, stated that the board of directors decided that they wanted their apps in the hands of more users and that many school districts simply did not have the funding to afford learning software for their students. By removing all in-app purchases and reducing the price to zero, any individual and/or school system will now have unlimited access. 

According to Carter, GraceSigns chose Martin Luther King as the day to launch this new initiative because of his message of equality and inclusion for all. In addition, GraceSigns re-released their very popular app - Sign Me A Story - with new content including gaming on January 21 at no cost, as well. Their current app - Sign Me A Sentence - under production is scheduled for release in the fall of 2019. It will also be completely free to all Apple and Android Mobile users as well.   

"Besides the United States, we currently have many many international downloads," said Carter. " We have noted that both children and adults from all over the world are are using it learn to read, sign and speak. Providing our materials for free gives us a greater chance to to reach more people and give them the ability  to learn to communicate through sign language - for free. Being able to put our apps in more hands also allow us to spread our message of the importance of accepting the differences of all of us."  

GraceSigns is dependent on grants, and corporate as well as private contributions. Supporters can donate through the PayPal link: