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CODA: Movie Review


CODA: Movie Review

If you love ASL, you will love this movie. If you are looking for a coming-of-age story, you will enjoy this movie.  If you are searching for some substance in a film, you will feel fulfilled. If you just want to have a genuinely heartwarming experience, then watch CODA. It is available on Apple Plus TV.  

The main character, Ruby (Emila Jones) is a CODA, Child of Deaf Parents. She is responsible for being the family ears, interpreter and workmate.  Her hopes are challenged as she struggles with her personal identity within her tight knit and complicated family. Her musical dreams for the future are fueled by her mentor, (Eugenio Durbez) and we find ourselves just as confused and torn as Ruby does. Her parents and brother (Troy Kotsur, Marlee Matlin and Daniel Durant) round out this brilliant and talented cast. This movie is a remake of the popular French film titled: La Famille Bélier. CODA was filmed in Gloucester, Massachusetts and has a definite New England vibe. With a bowl of popcorn, this is the perfect antidote for many of us news and pandemic-weary. 

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Autumn Girl

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First American Sign Language Bible Available to Deaf,
Hard of Hearing Communities around the World


By Rocky Nash

Nearly 100 volunteers worked for 15 years to produce the world’s first complete Bible translation into American Sign Language (ASL) on video.

The final book of the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures in ASL video was released on February 15, 2020, during a dedication program for a new translation office in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

“For us, it’s been a 15-year journey, and we can finally say it’s complete,” said Jeremy Mallory with the ASL Remote Translation Office.

There have already been 41 million individual video chapter downloads of this version of the Bible, as many rely on their faith to cope with uncertainty, anxiety and loss amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

I have everything at my fingertips,” signed Lilli’Ann Ibanez, a deaf woman who attends a sign language congregation in Las Vegas.

This newly released ASL Bible translation brought tears to the eyes of one reader.

“I didn’t feel goose bumps when I read the Bible in English, but the moment I started watching the Bible in sign language, I couldn’t help but shed tears,” shared Isias Eaton, who attended the program in Florida when the ASL Bible translation announcement was made.

To view the ASL Bible, visit jw.org, click on the language icon at the top center of the website page, check the “Display Only Sign Languages” icon and select the desired sign language translation.

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I Am Deaf

The silence of sound

doesn't silence me.

To hear nothing

is something opening

and expanding.

Everything is exposed.

I am exposed.

I am expanded and empowered,

purposeful, present.

I am deaf.

By Zachary B. Hart


A choice when no choices exist.

A question unanswered. An answer questioned.

A love unfulfilled.

A hope hanging.

An illness.

A dream realized.

An unknown.

A beginning.

An ending.

And prayer.

by Cecelia Brown

Image by Trust "Tru" Katsande

This, hope.

In the darkness, 

there is light.

In the silence, 


Lonely, alone.

Tears of madness

and sadness.

In life, 

there is death.

In death, 



Even in the abyss,

there is this,


by Valerie R. Carter


One small dandelion-


Smiles up at the sun.

Floating in a sea of grass,

Buoyed by her beauty,

The sun shines down on Her.


She blooms.

by Anonymous

Image by Bjoern Frandsen

Poetry is a beautiful form of self-expression and GraceSigns embraces language in all formats.  Share your poetry! We will showcase your creation here in our Poetry Corner.  Send your short poems to us through our contact page here .

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