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How to be a Self- Advocate

The path to individual contentment is validated by recognizing one's own self worth.  For individuals with physical, cognitive or emotional disabilities, this is especially more difficult. Here are five simple reminders to help you achieve your full self, regardless of your obstacles.

1) Be confident in sharing your challenges and needs.

2) Set goals for yourself, not limits.

3) Be respectful in your communications.

4) Build relationships with others around you.

5) Be appreciative.

You are your own best advocate!

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Let's Learn Some SPRING Signs 

It's Spring finally...

Hearing Aid

According to the CDC, 50–60% of hearing loss in babies is due to genetic causes. However, there are also a number of things in the environment that can cause hearing loss. In some cases, hearing loss is caused when both genes and the environment work together. A new mouse study by researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania demonstrated that a gene called GAS2 plays a key role in normal hearing, and its absence causes severe hearing loss.

Scientists Link Genetic Mutation to Hearing loss

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Why Learn to Sign?


Poetry is a beautiful form of self-expression and GraceSigns embraces language in all formats.  Share your poetry! We will showcase your creation here in our Poetry Corner.  Send your short poems to us through our contact page here .

This, hope.

In the darkness, 

there is light.

In the silence, 


Lonely, alone.

Tears of madness

and sadness.

In life, 

there is death.

In death, 



Even in the abyss,

there is this,



by Valerie R. Carter

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One small dandelion-


smiles up at the sun.

Swaying in a sea of grass,

green, green, green.

She is but one.

by Anonymous

Image by Bjoern Frandsen

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